Worker Bees/Stylist Phone Numbers

Meet the Hive! We prefer our guests to reserve their appointment directly with their stylist.  This ensures accurate booking and having any questions you may have answered by your stylist. If you do not have a preferred stylist we will be happy to recommend one to you by calling the salon at 805.238.0602


Gina Williams: 805.835.2366-Owner & Hairstylist

Hillary Wells: 805.610.4120-Hairstylist & Waxing (face only)

Brittani Wells: 805.674.5037-Esthetician

Kalae: 805.674.5069-Hairstylist

Krissy Arnold: 805.835.9757-Hairstylist

Kristin Coppeletti: 805.712.9658-Hairstylist

Emma Haynes: 805.458.6671-Hairstylist&Waxing(face only)

Kimberly Terra: 805.550.3543-Hairstylist&Waxing(face only)

Ashlan Holland: 805.975.9829-Hairstylist

Aja Holman: 805.610.8554-Hairstylist

Amy Foster: 805.391.0893-Hairstylist

Jennifer Miller: 719-465-6376 Hairstylist

Lotte: 591.9287 Esthetician